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Welcome to my domain!

Is this a website, you ask? Well, technically yes... except this one doesn't feature much besides a collection of links that route you to where I am, and (most importantly) keep you from seeing an ugly 404 error page when you visit the server that hosts my email and some web-based utilities.

Want to get in touch? Send me a friend request on Facebook. I promise I won't bite.

Would you rather email me? Try info@leannepowers.com.

If you're a professional contact, you can look me up at LinkedIn.

Want to check out my photography? Some of my aviation photos can be found by visiting the airliners.net archive. I also have a bit of music photography in a public gallery on Facebook. If you want to see my work in print, have a look at the February, 2012 issue of Downbeat Magazine.

If you're interested in my music, check out the latest recording I played on at CDbaby.

If you were hoping to find my blog post "Copyright: A Quick Guide to Playing Nice With Others," check it out on Blogspot.

Are you one of my students looking for an assignment?
Boy, are *you* lost.
Try Blackboard for that. ;-) On the other hand, if you're an ex-student who needs a recommendation or just wants to say hi, drop me an email--I'd love to hear from you.